Adaptation and modification of the Semi-Industrial Plant (File INPYME\2023\61)

The aim of this project is to increase the productivity and versatility of the facility, expand the operating capacity with new raw materials from specific sectors and improve the performance of the different processes that take place in it in order to obtain a higher overall process performance.

To this end, four lines of action have been implemented with a major impact (10-20% increase in performance) on the facility:

  1. Adaptation and Integration of the Thermochemical Pretreatment Unit.
  2. Upgrade of the Distillation Unit.
  3. Upgrade of the Control System.
  4. Installation of a new laboratory

This project is funded by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Generalitat Valenciana through the INPYME call for proposals: Support for industrialization for investments by INDUSTRIAL SMEs in the Valencia Region to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of SMEs in various industrial sectors, as part of the sixth phase of implementation of the Strategic Plan for Valencian Industry, for the financial year 2023. The total support amounts to 43,202.87 €, representing 35% of the total investment.


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