Semi-industrial plant

plant (25 t/d):

The semi-industrial plant is composed of a wide range of modules for all different processes. All the different units can be exploited either continuously or independently.

  • Raw material reception unit
  • Physical pretreatment unit
  • Thermochemical treatment unit
  • Fermentation unit
  • Solid-liquid extraction unit
  • Distillation unit.
  • Final product storage
  • Auxiliary units
  • Control center
PERSEO biorefinery workflow

PERSEO biorefinery Workflow

Process optimization focused on organic residue can be performed exploiting all PERSEO Biotech capacities at laboratory scale and following scale up and demonstration at semi-industrial scale. This, together with the vast knowledge of process development and engineering of PERSEO Biotech and its technology partners, allows us to offer our clients a full integrated service for the development, validation, design and construction of bioprocesses at industrial scale.



Different tests and analysis of up to 50 L scale can be performed at PERSEO Biotech laboratories::

  • Raw material characterizations
  • Definition and optimization of the biotechnological process
  • Analytical process control


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